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Attention to small things

Autonomous work, collaboration with non-artists, the Children’s Atelier, projects in Nepal: my work is varied but clearly interconnected in terms of content and methods.

Art for me is about visualizing the essence we share as humans. I seek the heart of the matter in details and stories that easily go unnoticed but are potentially important and inspiring when you look at them and give shape to them.

Personal documentation already formed the basis of my own work, but in the working method I developed at the Children’s Atelier, documenting began to play a leading role. I wanted to make the way children constantly express their perception of the world visible with photo series and videos showing that the harder you look, the more you see.

This approach also became the main component of collaborative projects with other groups of people. Using different media I capture the moments that matter during the work together. Afterwards I rearrange the collected documentation and use it as an extra layer in the end result.

autonomous work

In the early works on rice paper, the starting point was always a picture connected to the time I was a child.


There came a moment when being engaged exclusively in my own art was no longer enough. I started working on projects that involved cooperation with non-artists.

meeting and exchange

Also Nepal is a workplace for me: the ubiquitous handiwork and crafts are an endless source of inspiration.


The essence of documenting is watching and listening: you catch the moment when something is created that matters, and you zero in on it.