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All inside and all connected 2012

32 X 46 cm, 15-copy edition
boxed book about clashing and harmonizing words in one’s head
various printing techniques on loktah paper; in collaboration with Mr Bhusan, the paper man

products and services

Autonomous work

on rice paper, embroidered on old textiles, in the form of special booklets or installations arising from projects

Small-scale, attentive projects

for social organizations (schools, child care and elderly care providers, housing associations, NGOs) looking for pleasure-enhancing or content-enriching activities for their target groups

In developing countries

projects which, depending on demand, stimulate collaboration and creativity. Examples are play and exchange projects for children

the design and development of products in limited edition in collaboration with small businesses and local artisans

Workshops/lectures centered on documenting

which illustrate the added value of documenting and show how documenting is done

which highlight particular things (eg details during a work process) on the basis of visual material from the artist’s own archives

Thinking along in an advisory or content-focused way

in the development of ideas and concepts

autonomous work

In the early works on rice paper, the starting point was always a picture connected to the time I was a child.


There came a moment when being engaged exclusively in my own art was no longer enough. I started working on projects that involved cooperation with non-artists.

meeting and exchange

Also Nepal is a workplace for me: the ubiquitous handiwork and crafts are an endless source of inspiration.


The essence of documenting is watching and listening: you catch the moment when something is created that matters, and you zero in on it.